Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Snakes are Revered In India ?

Often questions are asked why Indian love snakes and pay respect to them like deities. There are many answers to this question. Often people worship any object or concept due to two reasons.

Number one, the people have benefited from the object/concept and they further do not want to stop the flowing jet of benefits.

Number two because ancestors have worshiped them, so the present generations should worship them.

In first place the number one reason is more analytical and scientific, while number two is equally superstitious if followed blindly. The snake reverence in India, as claimed against by many foreign cultures, is a more a scientific and environment friendly observance.

If we closely peek into the Indian subcontinent then it has been more of a fertile land, where proportions of elemental mix in the soil is perfect. The Basins of Ganges, Yamuna, Saraswati, Godawari, Chenab, Krishna, Brahmaputra, Kshipra, etc have made it a land to be appropriate for agriculture and vegetation growth. Second to Africa is India where such diversity of flora and fauna exists.

So coming to the point Indian settlers were more attuned to the agriculture based economy and snake played an important role in this. How ? lets see. The worst and perennial enemy of any food plant and food are rodents and they still are responsible for the 20% of food grain loss every year in the world. The snakes eats up the rodents and maintain the ecological balance of rodents population. A 1% decrease in the snakes population can result to the rise of 5% increase of the rodents population roughly. (Its not an accurate figure but an assessment over the feeding habit of an adult snake and sexual maturity age of rat.) So you see what more harm can the 5% more rodents can do to the agricultural reaps.

Snakes are very beneficial to farmers and this was known to Indian way back when they have started to organize the agriculture to produce the food grain, probably much before the Europeans and other dwellers. Killing of snake was very heinous crime unless the snake itself was a mess. In that case the another ecological food chain agent Peacock was often allowed to roam in the agricultural land premises so that they can check over the expanding population of snakes.

In a nutshell there was perfect ecological balance in such way that no external agent like chemical pesticides, rodenticides, and germicides was used.

Now one must wonder how such information was passed on to generation to generations. Well if someone is able to see the Shiva-Parwati family, then one can understand the perfect ecological balance is depicted in the entire family association.

Snake is dear to God (Lord) Shiv while Rodent or rat is vehicle of Ganesha (son of Shiv). Another son of shiv Kartikeya has its vehicle as Peacock. Now looking at the Shiv's Vehicle it is an OX representing all the cattle sort herbivores like stages, deers, etc. and Tiger,Lion is vehicle of Goddess (Lady) Parwati.

Rodent is checked by Snakes,

Snakes is checked by Peacock

Peacock and other Herbivores are checked by Lion/ Tiger.

and these animals having animal instincts and tendencies are checked upon by the Lord Shiv and Lady Parwati the epitomes of creation and destruction.

This is known as perfect ecological balance to keep life running. It is a fact that base of every country is agriculture and herbivores while some countries have entirely this as their base, while others have few other options also to include other things in their base because agriculture is feebly absent in large quantity their.

That is why snakes were revered because they were important part of food chain. To maintain the environment the perfect maintenance of food chain was necessary and Indian knew this. So they always took care of snakes and to spread this message and implement it, the system of religious affiliation was adopted and not to say under religion it became safe.

But due to this blind faith, superstitions rose and gave the foreign illiterates ( Like Lord Macaulay) to say that India is land of snake charmers. I am saying illiterates because if they were literates then they would have gone for a question that " Why people of India loves snakes too much?". Now they are realizing the facts that India has been environmental friendly country since ages.

In this regards many stories were written and told by old people to convey the message that how come the snakes save human kind from disaster. It is something like if you can see a slight change in environment but cannot express it but still you have to say because of the matter to avoid the future ecological disaster, then only way is to devise a story and tell it to kids so that they could remember and understand when they get the knowledge of that level. Even if they not happened to have the knowledge of the erudition level then also those kids will be saving the environment. Whatever name of the scripture we know like puran, naag lok, nag vansh, etc. are such constructive stories to tell about the snakes importance in agriculture and ecological food chain. Snakes always remained mysterious because of their nature of hiding and remaining aloof. And unlike other animals they always have been attractive because they never had any limbs yet they were ferocious and surviving on this earth. And probably this makes snake more elusive till date to many around the world.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

7 signs of Fraud BABA

A interesting question was raised in the hinduism community in orkut. How to recognise a fraud baba? here are the seven tests one can apply

one definet test --7 signs of FRAUD BABA

i would like to ask what is a BABA/ If you mean the baba means the "Enlightened Person" then please look below for the test.

1. A person who has no time for personal hygiene like having long beards, long hairs which are unkempt and uncombed while he is living in social circles with abundant resources.

2. A person who asks for donations in lieu of giving you some kind of enlightenment .

3. A person who tries to perform some illusionary and magic like tricks naming them as miracles.

4. A person engaged in criticizing any aspect of demographics of the world

5. A person unnecessarily trying hinder the thoughts of independence of his disciples coercively and trying to convince you that he is only the one whom through you can get liberated.

6. A person who tries to sell you some product like for his organization like toothpaste, medicine or some of any techniques.

7. A person unnecessarily putting commentaries on the scriptures, answering silly questions of followers, performing useless rituals, singing melodious songs containing names of GOD in public just to intoxicate the public in his non-sense, creating a sense of unapproachability of sense of mystery around himself.

One who is engaged in doing all or even one of the above acts is surely a FRAUD BABA. REJECT HIM AND JUST be your own. By being your own you will not be looted.

I will explain in details about each one of them why they should be banned.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Karva Chauth

I had been seeing that most of the fasting process (that count on beneficial properties) are specifically saddled on the woman's part. Whether it is the Hartaalikaa Teej, some regularly occurring chathurthi *( some thing like forth night of the moon after full moon) or this Karva Chauth every date of the festivity (so called) are loaded with the fasting and then preparing for the observances useless series of events associated with the legends and myths.
Equally origin of this however was to socialize or let support the brides to fight theirs whimsical fears regarding their in-laws specially husband through socializing with elderly women counterparts. This however was more significant when the communication systems were in low supply, expensive or were absent and slow. But when we have instant communication systems like cellular phone available with even a person living under poverty line( in India) this process more a mis-tradition should be avoided.
Although, today the nature and methods of its observances are certainly way beyond its real purpose. It is the silly way to not eat or drink anything till next Moon sighting from the previous night that too before the husband even when the significance of it has no value emotionally or logically.
If we analyse the process and the evolution of the traditions which is more spiritual in sense then karvaa chauth is the
1. Clandestine way of the females to express the demand for physical closeness to husband or the person they love in open social cirlces.
Now as a part of Aborigines' culture the traditions continue which is necessary part of the tribal society obviously next level to Aborigines. And tribes have history of having polygamous leaders which was essentially a behavioural trait inherited from the animals showing a complete power over the group. This actually is natural tendency promoted by nature, but for the organisms who have either adapted to it or just have submitted to its way to survive. Humans also have passed over this inheritance, some of which lived it vigorously and in full blow in the past and which is now slowly vanashing as the intelligence is growing. Now this tendency of polygamy when hopefully got vanished nearly from the society its hangover remained which obviously put women in the centre stage of being victim to it. Like women will not express their desires, they will be having less involvement in the leadership decisions, social arena marked their acceptance as heir generator for the potential male counter part for continuance of the genetic code which male was carrying with him. This is still prominent in many parts of India especially among the social groups which claim to be effectively more religious.
So what happened with the society how such religious activity came into being. Well it should have began in some this way.
A woman she was well read and belonged to aristocratic society, had some courage to express her feelings and she had lot of logical similes to defend herself against the harsh and pernicious comments of the prevalent religious leaders, stood up against the dogmas in a very smooth way. She first studied the men's behavioral approaches towards a women and then trapped a authority we can say a religious leader( who was probably bored with usual traditional observances or was feeling incompetent to established his own identity) and made a deal with him. Over the period of time she established the notion of freedom of expression publicly for woman with the help of that religious leader. It was a simple deal the woman got freedom and the religious leader got his power to express his identity among the social stalwarts. This case is well understood of suitable process cleverly implemented, suitable times, suitable people and suitable outcome. So this was an evolutionary revolution against the prevalent dogmas.

2. Clandestine way for the females to express the demand for physical closeness to husband or the person they love in open social circles( devised by the male counterparts).

Next Case It was started by a male who was too much irritated by the unnecessary distance with woman counterpart he has to maintain due to the social dogmas. He stood up against all the dogmas through the thought process and injected a new thought that was mingled with religion and he even coined (though slyly ) some stories later included in the sects (puranas) as reference material. This reason because you can still find tens of thousand of local deities and their origin being rooted to the puraanas and other scriptures that are none like a definet referencial source.

Next case how this tradition could have evolved is evident through a scientific process which is more important. In recent discovery it has been established that woman having more social contacts and socializing behaviours have good health and (http://www.enotalone.com/article/19651.html, accessed 7/10/2009 10:28) and sick women get healthy if they are more socializing. So it was a natural instinct for woman to gather and discuss about any thing they find worth discussing. This obviously became a bad case when it took on as the events of ill spewing on others. So in all the cases women supported this evolutionary revolution or social reform which favored their identity recognition.

Today women are more free and they have remarkable degree of openness that is they can walk hand in hands with husband in busy market and can show their affection in front of many people which is respected. But when these women start observing these silly (yes silly because the time and conditions are entirely different from what was necessary to observe these ways) traditions they in fact recall the dead past which ruthlessly empower the filthy mentality. Today to show the affection towards husband through this process entirely will be like when one can marry in court in few rupees but one hires expensive pundit and spend the precious time to go the traditional way round.

...........................Well some thing, more is needed still to eriducate such silly events in name of sheer traditions.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Puppy Rescued By Students and Kids

I will be posting the whole of the event in few days what actually happened and how it happened. But before that just have a look at some of the photographs of the puppy.
See how cute this puppy looks. This was very good photo with some thought full expressions after we rescued and then we played with it till late night to comfort it. It was taken just after drinking warm milk and good play with all of us.
This above one was taken on second day when tied a black ribbon to ensure everyone that this puppy is adopted and it is not free to be littered. Actually it blinked its eyes while giving a cheese pose as if getting embarrassed by being snapped.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

So we Hindus have burned Ravan.

Hmm ..Its a time to rejoice that we have finally burned Ravan effigy and got a triumph over the bad forces. Really ? This question mark is just provokes me to think that Ravan's effigy is totally eliminated from the common man lives and it is now dissolved in the air which will be inhaled by all the country men and all the components of ecosystem.

From years I have been thinking that what is the Totality of implementation (logical + emotional) behind this process of Ravan Burning on Vijaya Dashami?

Burning an effigy is related to the "Psychological training process to get rid of old burden" and clearing all the mental woes to the related events. Fire scientifically is more powerful in destroying all the reminiscence attached to any physical object, the physical itself and converting it purely into heat energy.
Emotionally the brain of human being not accepts the death of any object till its physical shape is not completely destroyed. An object if present in howsoever small parts the human brain has tendency to associate and preserve because of its learned behavior from prehistoric ages of saving and preserving. So complete vanish of an object makes a person to adopt the event as the object is not available for association.

Now consider the geographical importance of the Ravan burning. Actually the month of October is signal for coming winter and this is the period when rainfall stops and bright sun appears spearding its shine and warmth all over the area. During the rainy season the people often get ill or they succumb to the illness due to the humidity in the environment which of course leads to the development of many potential viruses and their attack on the immune system of humans and other organisms. So to just ward off these illness a process is needed to completely destroy the viruses and bacterias. A scientific person is capable of making arrangements and cleansing his/her home but a person who doesn't know about this will be potential victim of viruses. So to teach about the physical cleanliness and protection the common set of rule is devised through defined explanation which are synonymous with common life events in any society. To teach the masses about any matter the best way is to devise a story and then develop an event that could be repeated over and over again to inculcate its importance. Slowly this adopts a traditional value with deep roots and natural dedication towards its observance.
Similar is the case with Ramayan and Ravan.

Burning of Ravan was to teach about maintaining the cleanliness in around the person's physical and mental environment. But you know every time this accuracy doesn't happen and somehow the lack of purposeful thinking crawls in and creates all the sort of nuisance. And this eventually leads to mass hysteria if any rational thinking is put forward to oppose the silly observances with scientific proofs. Humans are more craved for secure and safe zones and once they settle for the particular mind set that assures them safety then it becomes much difficult to turn their eyes towards real security or the security measures that are needed for present times. Their is another method of getting free from illness or Ravan its memories and other things. Patanjali Yog Sutras defines that any impression or any remembrance is a hurdle towards your self being free. So to free from traditional nuisance and create scientific society, masses have to forget about the Ravan. But their is one rule to this that no gap can be left over because as Ravan will be eradicated from mental memories the Ram will also vanish (Because both exist in mutual association to each others personality) and you know whole of the social faith system (of Ram Rajya) will shatter to dusts.
So what to say more it is and will be slow process, but once done it will create a Powerful Individual which is free to think and peaceful.

In context to pollution norms the Ravan Effigy Burning is the stupidest thing that is conceptualized with grandeur in name of misinterpreted traditional values. Its surprising that Indian masses having a genetic code which is blessed with high emotional IQ and 5000 years of understanding brings out such vapid approaches towards healthy living. Or they are finding security in their own created cocoons.

to be continued .........with suggestions for improvement.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Are we actually free?

Still the same question that hovers around ARE WE FREE?

Countless promises unlimited moments of wait and yet no shore to find where the the landing might be possible in to the terrain of Freedom.

Are we free to create nuisance, are we free to create hullabaloo in the peaceful lives of the common man who have no relation to what the political mileage gain would be possible to a certain group, are we free to break the rules and produce the lawlessness; are we free to make a failure sustaining groups of people who claim we are great and blame others for the misery; are we free to make ourselves more prone to development in negativity that could pose a serious threat to ourselves.

Yes these are the questions that should have been answered by most of the persons in our country but do we feel to think about them even. If not then we will be the same as mentioned in earlier post a year ago.

let's think for our selves at least.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Another work of my art

This is the work of the art I prepared in just two hours not carrying the enough of details that should have been but it would have happened if I have worked more time.
Well It still a good one.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Banning Of Yoga By Christian Church

The Banning of Yoga by Rev Simon Farrar is more of the personal issue not to be advertised so characteristically. I appreciate this move of banning the yoga reasons. And its that if Ms Lousy Woodcock is teaching some thing like yoga or may be yoga then she must find a room or place separately rather then creating unnecessary controversy over the rejection.
1. The Churches are meant for their own activity not to be allowed to display your own hobbies to be expanded may it be Yoga or any other non- religious activity.
2 . Would any one let any body eat the vegetarian food in the any of the premises of worship I am talking where the God, Goddess, or any other sanctity is placed. Eating food is non-religious activity. Many will tell you it is not spiritual to eat food in premises of worship.
And not to say if Rev. Farrar has given a label of Hinduism to Yoga then it is the fault of Yoga representatives that have promoted the yoga in the way.

Similarly church is the premises of Christian faith and the Church head has full authority to apply the rights of worship, premises sanctity to any of the activity, may it be a simple communication however non-religious it may seem. See if Rev Simon has an objection that is local not an international issue and he is free to let use his church premises in any way he proposes according to the Christian faith and I find he needs no explanation to do this.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So we were free 60 years back

Really it is an hilarious moment that India became free 60 years back to control landmass of some 3,166,414 square kilometers. And its an irony still the Independence is going on. Well to see what is the real meaning of Independence? Independence is the an attribute to get self reliant with an imbibed power to stand up for our rights without affecting the right of others. Have we gone so far in achieving that? To seek an answer to this question we have look the life of a common mass. Are they happy? Are they free to express themselves? Are they sleeping some sound sleep under the rules of the peoples they have chosen by their personal conviction?
If a answer to this is yes then India is free or otherwise the freedom is a good night dream that haunts every mind it arises when the body just faints on the bed due to hard day's labor of thinking that Dream is still to be achieved.
Frankly India is geographical land mass that is free. Not the Indians are free.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another one Pretty close

You scored as Professor X, Professor X ordinarily possesses vast psionic powers, including telepathy; the ability to induce in others mental illusions, temporary mental or physical paralysis, and loss of specific memories or total amnesia; the projection of "mental bolts" to stun or render a person unconscious; astral projection; and the ability to sense other superhuman mutants within a small radius. At present Xavier is unable to use his psionic powers



Professor X












What X-Men would you be?
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Well See What I am.

You scored as Jean Grey, You are Jean Grey. You are a perfectionist, and as such you get stressed very easily when something goes wrong. You are generally inflexible and cannot tolerate it when things do not go as planned.

Jean Grey




Professor Charles Xavier




The Beast










Which X-Men Mutant are you?
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The case Of Indian Boy as Rebirth of American Scientist.

A recent break over on the silence of the Reincarnation Phenomenon has been in the news on many TV channel and IndiaTV claims to unearth this fact. Well to understand this phenomenon a simple study of brain is needed. Lets look at how brain works.

Brain is a complex objective system being worked upon by the subjective manipulations. Any comparison that could be possibly sought for is a Bio-Computer or say Organic Computer. When you switch on the computer it displays the program you have fed, not some program which has not been in the existence. If you are working on a Operating System XYZ and then you reboot it will boot itself on Operating System XYZ, not on the any other Operating System which has been not yet devised. It can only reboot on different Operating System unless you have planned to boot in that version. Like wise Our Brain works. Their are many attributes that work in our brain system. But they all work according two basic functions Adherence and Relief. Adherence is the process by which the memory is created and by Relief memory is washed off. Whenever our brain tries to imbibe certain process, method, system of processes etc., they create an impulse in our brain and the processes, also the resultant processes due to the impulse are stored or adhered as memory. These recorded events are either replaced or they remain their that depends upon another factor called intensity. If the process taking place outside the body is adopted by the brain with whole of your brain energy then it impacts and gets adhered to very large extent and remains their for very long time. Sometimes this get so close to the permanency that it achieves the eternity of the regular generation of the whole of the process time after time.
This memory development continues if the like environment is provided and further it becomes strong with every impact.
Now what could have happened with that BOY who claims to be American Scientist.
When he was playing with mud he was engaged with all his 100% energy and suddenly he was interrupted by his father, which was something not acceptable by his brain system and to remove that hurdle he hurled a brick at his father. This is something like if you are working on a computer and your AntiVirus software is protecting your computer in real-time run- time protection mode and all of sudden the Virus is found to intrude your system and in that very moment Anti Virus get active and sends an alert on your Screen " A Virus has been Found" and also displays the options of the actions to be taken " Delete" "Move to Vault" Or "Continue Working". Now if you choose "Continue Working" then one more alert is send if the Anti Virus is "Intelligent" enough "Working with this file may damage your Computer" and you are left with the choice of deleting that file that is similar to the hurling of the brick by the boy over his father. But Brain is more intelligent due to the complex subjective manipulations. The Boy was angry and he hurled the brick but suddenly he realized or he was made to realize that he has done something not acceptable in the society or social norms. This brought the boy's consciousness to a factor called GUILT or retreat from that actions that were trying to adhere in his brain as appropriate actions or justified actions but were bad action or not acceptable actions in society. This actions of Boy was reaction to his father's action of which was perceived as disturbances or like some virus intruding his own mental construct.
Now this guilt was constantly fed upon by his kith and kins and he was left with one choice either to get a good beat up(punishment as a part of realization of the hurt he caused to his father about whom the society members were assured as he is MAD not a person to be pitied upon as his brain is not working properly) as a part of the social norms of respecting the father or succumb to channelize that energy which he felt he has created or was created in him to some different way. And this channelization of energy was just to forget the whole of the incident that was trying get adhered in the mind of that boy. Now this seems to be wonder to every one how come that boy is speaking in the warped American Accent well this has a very simple explanation.
Suppose their are two computers both are connected by Blue Tooth Technology. One computer is situated some 50 light years away from another and it sends a message that is only acceptable by that particular computer or say the computers of that system capability built up. And after sending the message the computer blasts into pieces or say gets destroyed . But the message is traveling in the space and will be available to those computers that have similar capability of the message sender computer. Since we all know wireless signals travels at the rate of speed of light so after the 50 years that message will be picked by those computers which have similar capacity and one more condition they are open to receive those signals. As soon as the message is caught by those computers they will accept that message and respond by either displaying that message directly or keeping it in the memory for later use as directed by the user. Something similar happened to this Boy. His brain is being worked upon by the social members and he shut down himself from any social interactions, but he unknowingly opened his subconscious and super-conscious brain for that thought of how to revert the action to the Goodness. This process was actually was a conversion process from becoming a demon or the destroyer to a creative individual. No doubt the incident darted deep into the psychological conditioning of the boy and he came up with a new adherence or you can say memory.
Now How come he got that American accent ? This questions are more of the complex questions. A study of his back ground can reveal much about this process.

To calculate the Boys Claims some measures should be adopted.

1. Check out how the boy was living after the incident happened.
2. Who was supporting him positively or negatively while he was in deep guilt or social recluse process.
3 What he was reading or watching?
4 Has he watched any television program on Wallace Regart on Discovery Channel that gave him a click to ward off his old Hues on bad incident memory?
5. How come the person S.P. Sinha, Principal, William Jefferson Clinton Science Centre claims to know that whatever Rajesh is telling the truth? If he is telling the truth then for what Mr Sinha is waiting for one year.
6. Of course boy could be brilliant in Physics or Chemistry and that could be the cause of inspiration to be Scientist and it is that inspiration is very deep.
And if that boy is claiming about the Re-memory which has simultaneously emerged in his mind then this is possible only
1 When Boy's Genetic Code are having the same construct as that of Wallace Regart to evoke the memory.
That could be the origination code The Gene Code Sectors of the Wallace Regart and Rajesh are of similar construct in Brain Functioning( As the different sectors of gene are responsible for different acitivity of body functions. And It could be that a body structure can be altogether be different but brain functioning may be similar.) This makes the possibility of the message reception by computer of similar capacity and capability.
2 The Boy has constantly reprogrammed his mind to remove the guilt and directed himself on altogether a different path to justify his innocence of hurling the brick on his father during that moment he was playing with mud.
If case one is true then a new concept of science which already exist in computers as wireless networking will be established which is telepathy , a re-incarnation of event in later time or simply can be called as re-memory.

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Meaning Of GURU and Religious Incorporators.

What you call the Heads Of Various Ashrams? Well, some of them call as GURU, some of them refer them as Bhagwan, some as Exeptional Individual, some as their everything, while what they are in reality. They are Religious Incorporators-The sellers of Religion and the Piousness. Lets us understand the term Religious Incorporators. Whenever a person, community, or an organisation accept some money in lieu of the services they render then they are doing business. Whether they teach you some techniques of spiritual uplifting, mental uplifting or physical uplifting. They may claim or render their services will reduce the stress, will enhance your overall mental outlook, your methodology of working and then they will demand a certain amount in lieu of that. This is often called as GURU Dakshina or the offerings to the GURU. But in real GURU never asks for the Dakshina or the Offerings in any form. Only a business person or a exchanger can ask for such offerings.
What is a Guru? To recognise a true GURU you have to examine him/her on two rules.

Rule No 1. Guru frees a person from the image that they have created but without loss of the original state and with an enhancement over the previous one. Any one tries to remain in your mind for ever then he/she is just hijacking you mental status or if you return to him often in any way then you are not free only a bounded character of his/her mental state .

Rule No 2: Guru even frees you from the modified state and if any loss is caused to you then he/she takes the whole responsibility of that and leaves you intact without any loss.

Well it sounds absurd that how can you examine a GURU. It is that if you cannot examine then how can you recognise a person is fit to be GURU. Because if you do not know what is a stone then how can you identify the individuality of a stone. In that ignorance you may well land on wood piece and will call it a stone.
Next if you have no power to understand how can you evaluate a person so that on him you can rely and leave your entire life to be guided and then become free as an individual.
If you learn some thing from a person and he/she guides you to do some thing but remains in your mind then he cannot be a Guru. He is just a businessperson who is dwelling to take the return of the Investment he/she has made on you. So whenever you see a person sitting on the large throne dictating some oratorial skills then assume he/she is nothing a mediator/broker/or a Business person loosely a religious prostitute who sells the mental body in lieu of your mental support that is a mental monetary gain to him/her .
It is often said GURU is way to GOD well its is the greatest blasphemy that is circulating in the minds of every common person who has read the couplet.

Guru Govind Doau kahde kake lagoon payein

Balihari Guru aapki Govind diyo bataye

In Hindi
गुरु गोविंद दोउ खड़े काके लागूँ पाऐं
बलिहारी गुरु आपकी गोविंद दियो बताए।।
The english translation goes on as :
Guru-The Mentor and Govind-The God both are standing whom should I bow before. I am in debt to the GURU who has shown me the path to GOD.
This is the Couplet written by a person who has remained the Businessperson or was involved in religious prostitution.
Reason for this are simple GURU cannot show way to GOD or even show the GOD. If he/she is showing a way to GOD then either he/she is doing the business or simply he/she is a very good mental image constructor means hijacking your mental status to a different one then what you have already. And if GURU is so heightened that he can show GOD then why he is not approaching to become one with why he is standing in the way or becoming the way to GOD.
You will surely hear logics from persons that GURU is here to help you acheive the best of your AIMS. Analysis: If that is condition then how come he knows about any person's aim. If a person never knows about his aim then how can GURU tell him/her about the aim. Only a person who has passed through that state in which some another person is and remembers that state can tell about, then it is a work of the Leader who can be called as Guardian or a person sitting at the tip of pole. It can be light bulb also.
Another Statement that is often claimed as a Logic you will here from the persons my GURU is MY GOD.
Analysis: This is utter idiosyncrasy that overpowers any individual who has remained confused all the way long.
Note: Dharma=Religion in this essay and should be treated as "the process of going through the path directed by individual conscience". Because some people call dharma is not the religion but some thing different then religion.
Govind Is GODLY from of the Lord Vishnu Incarnation.

Plagiarism : The Truth Of Bhakti or Devotion

One of my companion once wrote me about that If I am writing about the any matter in content then its plagiarism. Although he was directing the comment to himself but that equally hurts me as I was also trying to think in his terms. Well I would like to say one thing to follow is only a step towards plagiarism. If you are following any person may be your relative, your birth giver or your caretaker. Even if your are seeking an Inspiration that is also a plagiarism and you have to dedicate every thing earned by that to the person or the place or the moment you have adopted as your cause of uplift. This is the first rule of Bhakti or devotion. You have to sing the in that tune.
If you abstain from that then you are either a looter or a moocher and it is very ugly part worst then a beggar. You cannot be called a thief because thief is more sophisticated in terms of acquiring the objects/subject as well. Plagiarism comes into existence whenever the claim upon the object/subject rises when it is not owned or created by us.
So I really thanks that person Ashwini who has given such wonderful idea about discriminating in my sense the real meaning of plagiarism.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

See what I have scored.

See the results however the quiz is some what psychological but interesting too. According To It I scored what is below.

You scored as Paganism. Your beliefs are most closely aligned with those of paganism, Wicca, or a similar earth-based religion. You may also follow a Native American religion.



















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
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You can check out more from here about yourself.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Neurochemical Itch and Cults.

How often we have heard the Girl was Hindu and The Boy was Muslim so they eloped and married. They were fearing of the consequences as a super "NO" from the family members and social stalwarts. The recent hullabaloo over the Umar-Priyanka marriage is very predictable as it still suggest that social mentality has not yet grown mature to imbibe the Universal Truth of Humanity. Still it suggests that the mode of thinking lies in the hands of cult drivers not in the Universal Law Of Land. If government has made laws that any Girl or boy mentally fit, have acquired the adulthood are free to take the decisions regarding to their life, then why is such a fuss over the petty issue. If two youth are set to provide the world with a new view of life and new direction to the society by unifying the two different modes of thinking why not we should support them. If we analyze slightly , we are supposed to face some very strange modes of thinking patterns in the society.

Priyanka Umar should not marry... why?
Because she is Hindu(Sindhi) and Umar is Muslim. Why is the denial? Reasons are some what obvious.
1. From different cult and different family. I hope Muslims also breathe , eat food , take bath , enjoy the pleasure of life , procreate and deliver the religious duties like a Hindu, Christain , Parsi, Sikh, or any other person who is human. Not a Valid reason to deny the marriage.
2. Priyanka cannot adjust because Muslims do leave the wives. Well just do the survey you will find cases of female-maltreatment in Hindu family. The slow killing that too mentally either by torturing in name of dowry , in name of purity or in name of male domination is evident in nearly every Hindu family. The second hand treatment of woman is nearly an acceptable part of Hindu family inheritance, though the claims that woman are treated as Devi-Goddess are well presented. And next what is the guarantee that the Hindu boy will never end up in the dispute leading divorce case with Priyanka.
3. Or still the horror- to- be- retailiated of 1947 is ruling the minds of masses. Useless matter every person is busy in maintaining the life and living it no one cries for he dead and gone. They are remembered but as a past incident not matter to be retaliated.
4. Or the matter is that how come the Muslim boy who is not of Sindhi(Hindu) Community has dared to marry the Sindhi Girl. It suggest me some thing as is Hindu Boys are claiming "How come it be so that when we are in the line or say in the queue and the guy who is not in Queue or say out of the queue has taken the Girl?" Denial also raises this reason. May be its some humorous but it validates the factuality. But this became well spun reason but was overpowered by the political agenda.

Clearly the systematic politics over the simple issue of love has shown the third rate mentality of masses and low esteem of woman in Indian(Hindu) Society even though they are claimed as Goddess. It is some thing very strange in this scientific age , if the Neurochemical-Itch( what we can call love) which gives a healthy life to two citizens how some these cult drivers are taking the actions against them. If a religion teaches to deny the truth what you feel means it is absolutely denying the creation itself.
Love is nothing but a neurochemical state of mind which produces the lightened feelings among two persona and their by giving out the results as healthy state of mind. But you see the very basis of this scientific truth is denied. If two different persons feel a strong magnetism to lead a healthy life then how come the society be so unscientific. How come social dogma holders can decide that the maturity is decided by the Cult and community heads? The cult or religion cannot be a limiting factor in deciding what is the right for any person. Yeah it of course can lead to the suggestions of proper way to adjust and continue the harmonious way to live.

So you see in how shabby ways this approach to the achievement called Humanity is being done. And then is done the describing of the loveliness of peace. OH... what a lovely thing the peaceful society is. It is cinch according to the Priyanka Umar case the neurochemical are more responsible. So a suggestion to the Cult drivers kill the senses of Human beings so that they will be more like vegetables now you are free to eat them.
Who is to tell Bajarangis that the GOD of whom they have affiliated their name of the organization has just helped the two lovers RAM and SITA to unite. It would have been much better that if they have accepted the marriage and have given it a hearty welcome and made them feel better and united. Ram-Sita can be and are everywhere ; you just need a vision, not political manipulations.

So you see neurochemicals are very itchy not to the person having them but to the others who see you have.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another One For

SMILE.........(click on it to see complete) this is the most lovely animation about which I could just talk about simple and and sweet. It says smile. Oh God !! you wont believe but it really smiles.
Enjoy. Smile is the cutest thing on the earth but it remains cutest when you have just pure heart. Smiles are also cunning if the intention behind it is harming to other person. Smile is also fox smile when you are engaged in your own Ego-catering and smiles become wicked when you have frenzy-megalomaniac-ness to love the irritation and pain of others.
Smile is very smooth when you have lovely affairs with the rose buds in the nature or you just try your ooze of fragrant pheromones on the uncaring free will to make it more free. And if you never expect a smile back then your smile becomes divine. Its the matter that make you feel that you are really a worth for that unexpected, but Divine Bless.


All of us knows that the animation is very good cause for seeing the creative itch. And in fact it make you feel world is moving and moving all along the path described. The animations are very lovely of a kind when it portrays the matter in the simple sense. Just deploying the matter in the very sense and generating the cool visual effects of understandability. You could also see the animation as the designed but predictable image aquarium.

This is one of mine very recent animation simple one but shows some very continuity. So in the another case just have a look at it.
More to come .............

यह एनीमेशन मेरी एक नयी डिज़ाइन का नमूना हैएक विचार आया था ,सो डिज़ाइन बना दी बसओर भी डिज़ाइन बना रहा हूँ । बस ब्लोग पर देखते रहिये ...............

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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